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Thinking about becoming a host family for foreign students?

With support from Quest Guardians you can earn additional income and provide a warm, friendly accommodation for international students.

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Why host with Quest Guardians?

Quest Guardians offer comprehensive UK guardianship services for international students visiting the UK.

We are looking for new host families in the Shrewsbury and wider Shropshire area.
Becoming a host family for foreign students is simple and rewarding. Hosting allows you discover new cultures, form new relationships and earn some extra money too!

Benefits of being host family in Shrewsbury

  • Widen your knowledge about other cultures and customs from across the globe.
  • Profit from additional income
  • Welcome some more company in your home
  • You have the flexibility to host for a few weeks or up to three months during holidays.

Hosting Foreign Students in Shrewsbury

Many potential host families are worried about their role and duties. But with Quest Guardians, your only responsibility is to provide a safe, welcoming environment for your guests. Quest Guardians is an experienced UK guardianship agency, we are the legal guardian for international students sharing your home.

We want both our students and host families to have an enriching experience together. We carefully pair hosts and students with similar lifestyles and interests. This matching process helps build successful friendships, sometimes long-term. Many students request to stay with the same host families when they return to the UK.

As an educational guardianship agency, the safety of our students is our primary concern. To ensure every host family is providing a safe environment, we visit each accommodation for regular checks. Please note that a full DBS check is a mandatory requirement for all our host families.

Interested in knowing more about becoming a host family in Shrewsbury, Shropshire? Contact Contact our team at Quest Guardians today on 01202 or fill out our Host Family application form now.

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