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Frequently Asked Questions

Students typically stay for short term breaks such as exeat weekends and half-terms which can be 1-2 weeks. Sometimes students will also stay for longer holidays including Christmas and Easter.

During the times that you are hosting, your responsibilities are to protect, care for and provide full board and lodging for your student on a day‐to‐day basis. This includes 3 meals per day, laundry and internet access.

£55 per day for students 14 and over (£60 per day for students under 14)

The overall guardianship responsibility remains with Quest, whom you should contact whenever a situation arises in which you are uncertain as to the appropriate action to take. Untoward occurrences, such as hospitalisation, unexplained student absences or other situations affecting student safety, should be reported to Quest immediately. 

You will not normally be expected to instigate contact with a student's school or to attend school occasions, which is a role undertaken by the Quest Coordinator. If there was a need for the Host to contact or visit the school, it would be at the instigation of Quest and with the agreement of the Host.

We always aim to arrange the same student for each stay as this is beneficial for both the student and host family who can build a relationship over time. However changes can and do occur.

It is great for the student if you are able to collect your student from school, and we can then remimburse you for any mileage. However we understand that this may not always be possible due to commitments so we are also very happy to arrange transport for the student to and from your home if this is preferred.

Yes some students are happy sharing a twin room. Others, particularly older students who are studying for A-Levels, may request a single room so that they can study.

Whilst older students can be left unaccompanied for periods of time during the day, we do expect host families to involve students in family life, and provide full board accommodation.

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