How UK Guardianship Services Work

It is essential that your child’s safety and wellbeing are a priority at all times during their studies.

It is a school requirement that all students whose families live overseas have an appointed guardian resident in the UK.

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Congratulations! A place has been offered to your child by a UK boarding school who will provide full board during term time. When the school closes, however, (such as Half Terms and Exeat Weekends) you will need a responsible guardian, based in the UK to provide safe accommodation. The guardian should be a UK resident, aged over 25 and able to assist you child whenever the school is unable to (this is also a visa requirement).



To apply, just complete our Application Form, either On Line or email a hard copy. Upon receipt, we will send you an invoice for the Registration Fee, Annual Guardianship Fee, and the Student Expenses Deposit, which is used to pay for any transfers and host accommodation needed, or anything else your child may need.



Once we receive payment, we will send you our Confirmation of Guardianship (which can be used to support a visa application). We will inform the chosen school who will issue a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) letter so you can complete a Tier-4 Visa application.



To prepare for your child’s arrival in the UK, your designated Quest Administration Manager will need to know what travel and accommodation arrangements are required, and we will send you a Travel/Accommodation Form for completion. All information will be passed to your Regional Coordinator, who is based close to your school.



We can arrange a driver to meet your child at the airport, or if alternative arrangements are made, our Regional Coordinator will visit the school within the first few weeks of term to provide more detail on Quest Guardians’ service, and importantly to discuss host family arrangements for Half terms and Exeat Weekends.



Your child’s first stay with a Host Family may be on arrival, but more likely over the first Exeat Weekend or Half Term. Either the family will collect from school or a Quest driver will transfer between school and the host family. The host family will be welcoming on arrival, will explain meal times, rooms and bathroom arrangements etc. At all times, if your child or you have any concerns or queries, then CONTACT US – 01202 882299 or for emergencies 24 hours per day: 07545 502255.

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