How to Bond With Your International Student

Hosting foreign students is a massively rewarding experience and here at Quest Guardians. With our 20 years’ experience in guardianship services for international students, we have become experts in helping students and their hosts bond. Here are our tips on how any host family from Birmingham to Belfast can bond with their students.


Hosting students in your home can be difficult, especially if children feel homesick. Having fun is the easiest way for a family to bond with the international students they are hosting. Some card games are international and need no language. Charades requires no set up and can be hilarious. Even games like Scrabble can be fun and educational. We always recommend having plenty of family nights, with a wide selection of games that help the bonding process while being fun for the whole family.


When hosting foreign students, it is important to find out what their hobbies are and encourage them to continue them while in the UK. At the same time, you can introduce them to your own interests and past times. If you were a host family in Birmingham for example, a trip to see Birmingham City FC play is a cultural, entertaining and bonding experience for everyone.


Cooking is a brilliant way to bond when hosting international students. All cultures love food and sharing dishes will be a great experience for both the student and the host. Bring your student shopping with you when you arrive and ask them help you cook some of their national dishes. Cooking together helps homesickness, teaches you a new dish and bonds the family together.

Exploring & Culture

Is your guest into music? We would highly recommend a trip to the Symphony Hall or to go see birthplace of bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. You would be surprised how internationally known UK music is. Big trips and excursions are not only fantastic for bonding, but they create lasting memories for the child that they can take back home.

Hosting international students is a brilliant adventure. For more information about our UK guardianship services at Quest Guardians, call us on 01202 882299. If you want to become a host family in Birmingham or beyond, simply fill out our host family application form.

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