4 Reasons to Become a Host Family

Hosting foreign students is an incredibly rewarding experience for everyone involved. If you are thinking about becoming a host family in Belfast, London or anywhere in Britain, we’ve outlined of the 4 great benefits of guardianship in the UK.

Cultural Exchange

Do you want to experience the culture of a different country without even entering an airport? Hosting international students in the best way to delve into a different culture while also giving back to the world. A host family in Belfast will be able to introduce a Hong Kong student to Gaelic football, while learning about the crazy Honk Kong rugby 7s festival. Everyone of our families hosting foreign students have come away with having learnt something new and interesting.

Watching the student grow

One of the greatest parts of becoming a host family for foreign students is watching them grow, mature and learn while they stay with you. You will be able to influence their views on the world and they will influence yours at the same time. You will teach them responsibilities and help them along their path to adulthood.

Companionship and friends for life

When hosting foreign students, you’ll form a bond that can last a lifetime. You’ll be in contact with the student’s family, and the student will be a keen companion and keep you busy and active with a true sense of purpose. Your guests will appreciate the commitment and responsibility you have taken on and many will stay in contact.


If you’re a foodie, hosting international students can be a great opportunity for you. While they won’t yet be little chefs, they may encourage you and teach you about new food and cooking techniques. They might be keen to try as much British food as they can, and you should be prepared to get into the full flow of British culinary delicacy.

There are many more reasons why hosting international students is a brilliant adventure. To find out more about our UK guardianship services at Quest Guardians call us on 01202 882299. If you’re interested in becoming a host family in Belfast, Birmingham or many other areas of Britain simply fill out our host family application form.

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