Our guardianship services

Host Family Locations

We are currently looking to recruit host families in the following locations. Although we will judge each application on its own merit.

Our guardianship services

Hosting students for Quest Guardians

We try to match our host families to our students as closely as possible in terms of interests and outlook on life, and most students will return to the same host family for all their stays. Frequently, more than one student of a similar age will be staying with a host family at any one time. In our experience, students prefer this as it offers them additional company and friendship during what is essentially a holiday period.

As part of our guardianship services for international students, legal guardianship remains with Quest Guardians during a student's host family stay.

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All Host Families:

  • have a kind and caring disposition towards children
  • are regularly visited and inspected by a Quest Regional Coordinator
  • are checked against the British police database (Disclosure & Barring Service)
  • formally undertake to protect and care for the students in their charge
  • provide two references (one from a professional)

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