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Make the most out of an unused bedroom, earn extra income and become a host family in Cheltenham!

We are an agency which provides guardianship services for international students. Quest Guardians are now searching for new host families in the Cheltenham and wider Gloucestershire area.

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Many people find hosting foreign students a rewarding experience.

It not only brings in extra income but also you will also meet new, interesting people and share cultural ideas. Becoming a host family allows you to welcome international guests into your home and help them enrich their understanding of local customs and the English language.

Benefits of being a host family:

  • Earn extra income for a spare bedroom
  • Learn new, cultural insights from your international guests
  • Welcome some extra company into your home
  • You have the flexibility to host for just a few weeks or up to three months

Hosting Foreign Students

Quest guardians are an educational guardianship agency.  We have the legal responsibility for our international students. As a host family, all that is required from you is providing your guests with a comfortable environment and a warm welcome.

At Quest Guardians, we want all our students and host families to be happy with their homestay arrangement. We aim to match the characters, personalities and life views of the students to those of their host family, for a fulfilling experience for everyone.

Ensuring the safety and well-being of the students is our highest priority. If you would like to become a host family, please note that we will regularly inspect the host student accommodation within your residence to confirm that it is maintained to a safe and comfortable standard.  We require all our host family members to be DBS checked.

Are you interested in learning more about how to become a host family in Cheltenham or Gloucestershire? Call our team at Quest Guardians now on 01202 882299 or complete our Host Family application form online.

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