How to welcome a foreign student to your home

Walking through the threshold of a new home in a strange country can be daunting. No doubt your student may feel homesick, nervous or at least a tiny bit awkward! But as a host family it is your responsibility to welcome your guest into your home and country. Read on to learn the best ways to help international students feel comfortable and ready to start their UK experience.


Do your research

It’s a good idea to learn a little about their culture before they arrive on your doorstep. After all, learning about new cultures is a rewarding part of becoming a host family for foreign students! There are plenty of online sources and YouTube videos that can give you an understanding of different customs and greetings around the world. If you are keen in the kitchen, you could even cook up a national dish of theirs to help them feel at home!


Give them their own space

Many students want to get involved and engage with your family right away. Talking, playing games and watching tv together can be a great way to break the ice. But if you sense your student may take a little while to adjust, let them know they are free to spend time alone if they wish. Ensure their room is warm and comfortable so they can enjoy their personal space when they want to. Your educational guardianship agency will check their room is up to standard.


Stay connected

With the joys of modern technology, there are plenty of ways your guest can keep in touch with loved ones back home. Provide your student with wifi and let them know they can use Skype, FaceTime or any other conferencing software when they want.

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