How To Thrive In Your New Empty Nest In Cambridge


It can be an overwhelming transition when your children leave home. Life without the noise and company of your kids under the same roof seems strangely quiet and vacant. But this can also the first step to an exciting new stage of your life.

Read our tips to make the most of this opportunity and relish your new lifestyle, by Quest Guardians.


Go Travelling

This is the perfect time to plan a trip. Whether it’s a quick weekend break away or an exotic location you’ve always dreamed of, book it now. A change of scenery and a fresh location can be the very thing to help you embrace life, sans kids.

If you are keen to learn about new, world-wide cultures, hosting foreign students might be an ideal choice.


Become a Host Family for Foreign Students

Now you have an empty room, why not become a host family in Cambridge? Hosting international students can be an exciting new challenge, and you can even earn extra cash for your next trip! It’s the ideal way to meet new people, build lasting relationships and enjoy extra company back in your home.

Becoming a host family is easy. Quest Guardians are a UK guardianship agency who take full legal responsibility for the students. All you have to do is provide a safe, warm welcoming environment during their stay.

Learn more about our educational guardianship services and support here.


Stay Social

With an empty nest, you may find you have more time to fill. Why not spend this new-found freedom reconnecting with your partner, catching up with old friends or, if you are single, meeting someone new!


Keep in Touch

You may be wondering how much to contact to have with your kids now they have moved out. Should you call every day to check in or give them space? We advise following your child’s lead. If they are texting home daily or calling regularly, feel free to respond with support. If they stop calling as much, try to refrain the temptation to push for updates. They will know where you are when they need you and want your support soon.

If you are a newly empty-nester and looking to become a host family in Cambridge, contact our friendly team today on 01202 882299 or complete our Host Family Application form here

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