The Jones Family

My husband John and I have always had a busy and active household, but with our children leaving for university we felt we would like to have other young people in our house. We approached Quest after some friends mentioned that they found the company good. Quest made the application process very easy, we were visited by Quest Coordinator Stephen, who used to be a teacher at a boarding school. After his inspection, he talked us through a Handbook, and took details for the accreditation process and DBS. The office handled this professionally but it took about 4-6 weeks to get everything in order and the DBS back. Our Admin Manager at Quest contacted us about two students looking for Exeat Weekend accommodation initially. The arrangements were clear, and we had written confirmation about all the transfers and all the student details.

When the two girls, Natalie and Janice, initially arrived from school, we took then through the household routines. We encouraged them to mix with us (they liked playing computer games but also loved shopping!). But what I really enjoyed was building the relationship over several visits, and two years later, I really treat them as part of the family. They even help cook meals, and buying the ingredients was half the fun! Quest have also been so efficient and supportive. We have only needed to call “out of hours” once, when a taxi was late but the issue was resolved within minutes. This has been a rewarding experience for both John and me and we have had lovely messages of appreciation from the girls’ parents.

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