Emma’s Story

Quest student, Emma Cheng, spoke at a recent AEGIS conference for Guardianship Organisations

It is mainly over the holidays when we need our guardians the most. On top of school work, there is nothing worse than having to worry about meeting new host families or feeling like an intruder at a stranger’s house when all your friends are going home with their parents. Fortunately, my host family has given me a very lovely second home in England. They are not only my host family, but also my ‘parents’; they meet my friends…. Even ordinary routines like taking me grocery shopping and going out for a walk make me feel welcomed and at home. It is astonishing how easily and rapidly a relationship can form over two years and because of them I have never felt homesick or lonely. For that I am very thankful to [Quest Guardians] …and it is what I would expect for other students in the future.

Emma and her fellow students

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