Top 5 Tips on Becoming a Host Family for Foreign Students

Becoming a host family can be a big decision to make. Knowing if you have enough time and if you are ready to provide someone a home should not be a hurried decision.

It’s important to note is that there’s more to becoming a host family and getting paid. By hosting foreign students, you are giving them a great chance to study in the UK, share your culture and learn another language.


Be more than just a host

Moving abroad to study will not be easy for many children or students. That’s why it is important to build a relationship with students (if they want it this way). They have to live, walk and talk in a new country filled with different people, traditions and customs. Try cooking them some English recipes or let them teach you about food from their home country. You could also show them some local sights or take a trip to the beach.



If you have children, encourage them to be like a brother or sister. Not only will it help students to feel relaxed and a part of the family, but it is a great experience for your children too. They can learn about different countries, a different culture, and maybe even learn some words in a new language. Guardianship for international students is rewarding for both your family and the student.


Be transparent

Don’t expect a foreign student to behave exactly as you imagined, because they won’t. Every child has a different upbringing and different rules from parents. Setting ground rules when hosting a foreign student doesn’t need to be an awkward conversation.  Your guests will appreciate knowing what is right and wrong and how to not cross the line.



It is almost inevitable that most foreign students will feel homesick at some point during their stay with you. This is expected, but you can make it easier for them by cooking food from their country and doing activities they are familiar with. Get to know them and find out what they enjoy doing with their family back home. Try something fun like going bowling or playing crazy golf makes for a great bonding experience.


Give them space

As much as it is crucial to make them feel at home when hosting foreign students, you don’t want to bother them too much. There will be times when they really want some alone time or a chance to relax.


If you want to find out more about becoming a host family in London, another location, or have a question about hosting international students, contact the Quest Guardians team on 01202 882299, email us at or complete our host family application form.

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