Top 5 interview questions for host families

Congratulations! Your application has been accepted by an educational guardianship agency! Now comes the next part of the process: the interview. Read on to read our top questions for host family applicants.


How do you think an exchange student will contribute to your family?

At Quest Guardians, we like to meet with each of our applicants face to face to learn more about you and why you would like to become a host family. This helps us understand your expectations of hosting foreign students and discuss what you would like to gain from the experience.


What are your interests?

Do you enjoy cooking? Perhaps you are a house of hardcore football fans? We like to do our research to match host family and students’ personal interests. Having interests in common will help you connect with your guests. You can even organise some fun activities for all of you to get involved with together!


Do you have any household food restrictions / habits?

Similarly, it helps if your host family and international students can share a meal together. Experiencing culinary rituals and food is an important part of understanding a new culture.  Let us know if you would prefer to host vegan/ vegetarian students and we will find a suitable match.  You can list other preferences and learn what is required to become a host family for international students by reading through our application form.


How do you feel about having a student in your home?

This question may be asked if you have children or other family members currently living at home.  It is important that every family member is enthusiastic about welcoming a guest to your home so the experience is fun for everyone.


Have you received your CRB/ DBS certificate?

The safety and security of our international students is our highest priority. As part of our guardianship services for international students, we require all our host family members to be DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked.

If you want to know more about becoming a host family in London, or anywhere else across the UK, contact us our Quest Guardians team today on 01202 882299 or email us at

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