New Student Arrival Arrangements

With the summer holidays now well underway and the new academic year fast approaching, we would like to inform all new students and parents that we are unable to arrange visits to prospective host families upon your arrival in the UK.  It is still the height of the holiday season in England and a lot of families go away at this time of the year. 

Please note however that each new student will be visited early in the new term at their school by their Regional Coordinator.   As a result of this meeting, a suitable host family is then matched to the student’s individual requirements and allocated to them.

It may be possible for new students and their parents to meet up with a representative from Quest Guardians (usually their Regional Coordinator) when they first arrive in the UK before the start of term.  However please note that we must receive your request for this as soon as possible. Please provide the date of your arrival in the UK and the details of where you will be staying and we will see if this can be arranged.  Although we will do our very best to arrange a meeting, please do bear in mind that due to the large number of new students arriving, it may not always be possible to book a mutually convenient time.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a pleasant remainder of your summer holidays and a safe journey to the UK.

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