UK Healthcare

International students studying at schools in the UK are able to receive medical assistance from England’s publicly funded healthcare system, the National Health Service.

Courses starting before 6 April 2015

Students will qualify for free NHS hospital treatment from the beginning on the same basis as anyone who is ordinarily resident in the UK (in England, Wales and Scotland your course of study must also be full-time).

Courses starting after 6 April 2015

Students pay the immigration health surcharge (currently GBP150.00 per year) when applying for entry-clearance (VISA).

Should you require medical assistance during our educational guardianship, the first point of call is to visit a doctor’s (GP) surgery or health center. Most medical problems can be treated by the GP, but if you need to see a specialist, the GP will refer you to an appropriate hospital department.

If your GP refers you to hospital for treatment, you will usually be given an appointment to see a consultant (specialist doctor). Depending on the medical problem, you may be treated as an in-patient (where you are admitted to a ward and stay there overnight or longer) or as an out-patient (where you visit the hospital for an appointment).

If you need immediate medical assistance (for example, because of an accident), telephone 999. The call is free including from mobile phones. An operator will ask you which emergency service you need (Fire, Police or Ambulance). For urgent medical assistance ask for the ambulance service. Be ready to tell the emergency services what has happened and exactly where you are, especially the street name.

There are no fees for Accident and Emergency services (as long as you are not admitted as an in-patient and do not access follow-up treatment), and you do not have to have paid the immigration health surcharge to use them, however these services should only be used in an emergency.

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