Entering the UK

The Home Office has Top 10 Tips for students travelling to the UK which will aid in your preparation for arriving.

Completing the landing card before you arrive at the border control: when completing landing cards, you should write an address where you can be easily contacted and reside i.e. their school address
Have your passport ready: check if your VISA and/or passport are still valid prior to travelling
✔ A hard (paper) copy of your School Admission/Offer/CAS letter(s)
Confirmation of payment/receipts for course and accommodation OR documentary evidence i.e. recent bank statements that will show you have sufficient funds to pay for these
Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs) or evidence that you have the right to study in the UK i.e. valid Student VISA
✔ You are advised to check your email accounts prior to travelling back to the UK for correspondence from the Home Office. In the event that you have received email notification regarding VISA cancellation or Student leave has been postponed, you are strongly advised not to travel, but instead to contact your nearest British Diplomatic mission immediately for advice and assistance.

All documents required for Border Force (Control) check should be kept in your hand luggage. These must be in PAPER COPY, an electronic copy on a tablet or mobile are NOT acceptable.

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