Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) Letter

A CAS letter is issued to students who have been accepted by their chosen schools. The UK Border Agency therefore holds the School responsible for these students during the period of duration of Tier 4 sponsorship at all times. PARENTS/GUARDIANS are obligated to provide the school with full contact information (inc a land line number) of a named adult (age over 25 years old, resides in the UK and takes the responsibility of the Student’s well-being) for all periods that the Student is not at the School. By law, the School MUST meet the duties stated on the UK Border Agency’s Website and retain accurate records of the students’ current arrangements (i.e. staying with a host family, returned home or travelling with friends etc).

For more information please visit the UK Border Agency’s Website:

The following statement has been extracted from the above link.

“Tier 4 sponsor’s duties

As a Tier 4 sponsor, your education provider must comply with a number of record-keeping duties and reporting duties during your stay in the UK.

They must keep:

  • a copy of your passport, your biometric residence permit or your UK immigration status document – you should keep the original; and
  • your contact details.

If you obtained your Tier 4 visa using a confirmation of acceptance for studies, your education provider must report to us if:

  • you fail to enrol on your course within the enrolment period;
  • you miss 10 expected contacts without your education provider’s permission;
  • they stop being your immigration sponsor for any other reason (for example, if you move into an immigration category that does not need a Tier 4 sponsor);
  • there are any significant changes in your circumstances (for example, if your course of study is shortened); or
  • they suspect that you are breaking the conditions of your permission to stay.

(If you obtained your Tier 4 visa using a visa letter before 5 October 2009, the reporting duties are voluntary, but we encourage education providers to report.)

You must give your education provider all the information they need to meet these duties. If you do not, we may investigate you and take action against your education provider (which may affect you).”

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