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Book NOW to join QUEST GUARDIANS Half Term Activity Programme! 期中假學習与課外活動課程 GBP575 + Registration報名費

SIS 2016 (2)
Sidmouth International School (SIS) Half Term Activity and Learning Courses have been run for each of the last years’ Half Terms, in late October, February and end of May 2015-16. The feedback we have had is terrific.

  • The students live in top class host student accommodation in a quiet part of the UK (my home town of Sidmouth, and where educational guardianship agency, Quest Guardians was founded)
  • They made great friends with students from other schools
  • The students told us they enjoyed the revision and English courses, taught by qualified staff in small groups or sometimes 1:1 if needed – a great opportunity to brush up on language skills
  • They loved the afternoon activities, especially the Zip Wire and Paintball
  • What to do? Book a place for your child! Apply for UK guardianship with Quest Guardians today. The cost is GBP575 including all activities and accommodation, but travel is extra.

Find out more about our guardianship for international students, including the cost of guardianship, by contacting Quest Guardians today. Drop us a call on 01202 882299 or email us at office@questguardians.co.uk for more information.

SIS Half Term Activity and Learning Courses Booking Form

Sidmouth國際學校(SIS) 期中假學習与課外活動課程在去年的二月份、10月份和五月底都有舉行。參加活動的學生也給出很好的反饋。

  • 參加的學生會住在頂級寄宿家庭中,位於英國寧靜的城鎮Sidmouth – 我的家鄉,也是Quest Guardians(凱斯特監護公司)成立的地方
  • 學生們跟來自不同學校的學生結交變成好友
  • 參與活動的學生告訴我們,他們喜歡這些由資深職員授課的英文學習課程,有時是小組學習或者1對1授課 – 一個能提高語言技能的好機會
  • 學生喜歡下午的課外活動,特別是"透過鋼索滑越河谷"(zip wire) 和彩彈射擊遊戲
  • 這個學習与活動課程只需575.00英鎊,包括所有活動和住宿,旅行費用除外

SIS 期中假學習与活動課程預訂表格

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