Code of Conduct

Code of Professional Conduct

 As a Guardianship Organisation, Quest Guardians Ltd require every member of staff, whether directly employed or self-employed, to adhere to the standards and behaviours (obligations) set out in this Code of Professional Conduct:

  • Accept responsibility for their own professional actions and decisions
  • Being truthful and transparent in all communications
  • Be mindful of their responsibilities as professional people towards the wider community
  • Comply with prevailing legislation and regulations in the countries where we operate and not encourage, assist or collude with others who may be engaged in unlawful conduct
  • Establish, maintain and develop business relationships based on confidence, trust and respect
  • Exhibit and defend professional and personal integrity and honesty at all times
  • Demonstrate sensitivity for the customs, practices, culture and personal beliefs of others
  • Safeguard all confidential, commercially sensitive and personal data acquired as a result of business relationships and not use it for personal advantage or the benefit or detriment of third parties, only disclosing it to those entitled to receive it
  • Demonstrate and promote fair and reasonable standards in the treatment of people who are operating within their sphere of influence
  • Challenge others if they suspect unlawful or unethical conduct or behaviour
  • Disclose any personal interest which may affect your decisions
  • Act in a manner which supports the Guardianship Organisation’s overall objectives and reputation
  • Strive for excellence at all times

Complaints Procedure

Complaints are treated seriously and with high priority.  Should there be any cause for complaint either regarding the service we have provided, the students or any other aspect of the Guardianship Organisation, in the first instance email or telephone your Office Administrator (or the 24 hour ‘on call’ line in an emergency).  You can also contact your Regional Coordinator, the Operations Manager (Liz Davies) or the Managing Director (Chris Michelmore) should you remain concerned.  Each and every complaint will be thoroughly investigated and a response supplied at the earliest possible opportunity.

Email: – office hours 01202 882299 or out of office hours 07545 502255.